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Welcome! I’m Coach Mia – your health & wellness advocate.

It is common belief that once we are given a label we are set to be defined by this label for life. Children or even adults with a later life diagnosis, being diagnosed with ADD, ODD, Autism, ADHD amongst many others.

As adults we are lead to believe that our health concerns can be fixed with a pill … but you know better than that – which is why you are here!

I love educating passionate and proactive parents, to become empowered with their health on a physical, emotional and mental level and to become a strong advocate for their children’s health, from a place of alignment and harmony.

I do this for our children who are growing up in toxic times with weak immune systems, food sensitivities, toxin and metal poisoning and more and for parents who are overloaded wearing all the hats on a day-today basis.

I do this because ourselves and children deserve optimal health and a bright future, and our families deserve to be fit, healthy and thriving.When working with me, my clients will learn about the power of giving themselves and their children quality foods and the healthiest diet, for you all to thrive.

To know that there is a life beyond labels, beyond negative behaviours, life debilitating illness and the challenges that we are conditioned to believe are true.

I am witness to many diagnoses being overturned and it is my mission to empower you to create long-lasting change and total life transformation through my work.

It has been through my own personal journey, as well as assisting others, that I was inspired to create the Kids Unlabelled program and the Sacred Goddess Experience to support those who are wanting to be proactive in their own health and healing.
I look forward to assisting you on your wellness journey!
x Mia

“Mia has this amazing ability to connect and understand your needs and emotions. I did EFT sessions with Mia and she helped me discover energetic emotions that were holding me back and causing me grief, that we worked through an release.

I highly recommend Mia for anyone needing guidance and support for energetic blocks, emotions and mindfulness.!!”


Kids Unlabelled

A one of a kind program that will change your child’s life FOREVER

Sacred Goddess Experience

Reduce stress, increase clarity & create the life you want!

Mentoring with Mia

Customised Programs for total life transformation

“Mia was recommended by a friend and I’m so glad she did. Mia has been instrumental in my growth this year. She is amazing at what she does, she makes you feel comfortable the moment she opens her doors. I am forever grateful for her gift that she offers.

Thankyou so much Mia for helping me grow and guiding me to a better me"


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